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Honey Vicarro

In 2001, Fox Television developed a new version of Honey Vicarro that never made it to the pilot phase.

Internet databases have mixed up the original and the revival. IMDb, for instance, correctly lists Gavin Hurrell and most of the original crew-members alongside the cast of the remake, dating the show as "2001" rather than "1966."


Chad with Knife

Yes, there are links!

 If you've put together a site dedicated to HONEY VICARRO, it's cast or crew, drop me an email and I'll be sure to post it.

Bitchin' 60's Chicks, Man

A vaguely creepy site by what seems to be a borderline stalker. He gives HONEY VICARRO a prominent shout-out, though.  So he can't be all bad.  Check out the Links! Great '60s stuff.

The Cliff di Marco Page

A lovely page dedicated to the inspiring, sometimes tragic career and life of Cliff di Marco, the sole surviving cast-member of HONEY VICARRO.

Cliff di Marco MySpace Tribute

Yet another MySpace page, this one dedicated to the gifted black actor who portrayed Chad.

The Dover Souls Tribute Page

A wonderfully informative site dedicated to Anthony Smithe-Jones and his band, THE DOVER SOULS.  You can even hear Anthony sing his hit "Misty (Monday Morning)!"

The Gavin Hurrell Page

Everything you ever wanted to know about Gavin Hurrell, the legendary producer who created HONEY VICARRO.  Lots of interesting tidbits here.

Gavin Hurrell's MySpace Page

A Swedish fan of Gavin Hurrell over at MySpace set up a tribute page. He says his mother dated him!  Yeah, her and about a million other gals!

"The Guy" Warner

A website dedicated to all things "Guy."  Learn more about the actor who played Lt. Quigley on this lovely site by his biggest fan.

Honey Vicarro Group at Yahoo

"If you've never heard of Honey Vicarro, you are not alone."  I guess that says it all.  A fan-board devoted to the show.

Honey Clips on YouTube

YouTube Channel with all the surviving clips from the original HONEY VICARRO. Send more!

Honey Vicarro Lives!

Of course she lives--at least in this fan's heart--but this blogger is a die-hard subscriber to the theory that Kim Carlyle's death was a hoax. I don't agree with her, but she's got some interesting "evidence."

IMDb "Honey Vicarro"

Again, a tragic jumble of combined info from the original series and the 2001 remake. Can't these people get anything right?

Justine Peter's Vlog

A bright young ingenue with the good taste to be a major Kim Carlyle fan.  Watch this kid!  She's goin' places!

Kim Carlyle's MySpace Page

A tribute page dedicated to the lovely, troubled actress who brought Honey Vicarro to life.

Los Angeles Cemeteries

For those of you who want to pay your respects, a collection of celebrity graves (and other ghoulish L.A. landmarks), including those of Kim, Gavin and Guy.

My Rock and Roll Collection

Not exactly HONEY-related, but I include it here because it really captures the milieu of the '60s in a fun way.  Check it out and say "hi" to Duncan!

Strange Celebrity Deaths of the 1960s

As dry and macabre as a vodka martini with a pinky-finger twist.  Interesting tidbits on Miss Carlyle's passing as well as those of many other '60s icons and semi-icons (even demi-icons).  Jeffrey Hunter's was sure weird... a head injury?

Wikipedia "Honey Vicarro"

The information here is largely erroneous and limited to the pilot for the series remake made in 2001. Are there any Wiki-contributors out there with the time to correct it?  Drop me a line!