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Honey Vicarro's first three episodes were shot in black & white. Dissatisfied, Hurrell reshot them in color at his own cost.



Behind the ScenesHoney Vicarro was a testament to Gavin Hurrell's impeccable vision. Long before producers like Michael Mann and Jerry Bruckheimer stamped their shows with inimitable visual styles, Hurrell pioneered what he called "The Look," a concept that every show he produced should have a defining design that immediately identified the show.

This affected every aspect of the production, from camera to casting, from set decoration to make-up and hair. HONEY VICARRO's palette was a mod-noir fusion of color and shadow made possible by it's uncredited visual consultant, Piero Gherardi, a personal friend of Hurrell's and long-time collaborator of Federico Fellini.

Behind the ScenesTHE STILLS section is growing by leaps and bounds.  Keep those photos coming! 

And we're delighted to be able to present some very rare VIDEOS!

The first two clips have a very interesting provenance, indeed!

We were recently contacted by Tom Hickey, whose father, Ralph, was a sound editor on the at Fox Television Studios.

Tom tells us that "back in the day," sound was mixed by cutting mag-stripe film containing dialogue, music and effects into a number of reels, then running them back in sync with the picture. 

Wherever there was no sound, the film needed to be "slugged" with non-mag-stripe material.  This usually came from the editorial bins, where un-used prints were was thrown away. 

Apparently, footage from Kim Carlyle's hair and make-up test for HONEY VICARRO was used to slug the sound for an episode of (of all things) DANIEL BOONE!

Tom discovered it while cleaning out his father's garage in Sherman Oaks. He was kind enough to cut together a montage out of the various fragments and send it our way. Thanks, Tom!

The rest of the clips are the familiar Paley Center footage from Hurrell's uncompleted bio-doc, GAVIN HURRELL: "THE LOOK."

Although actual episodes of HONEY VICARRO are forever lost, the images that remain still provide tantalizing glimpses into "The Look" of Gavin Hurrell's masterpiece.

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