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Honey Vicarro

Honey Vicarro is a master of savaté, a French martial art primarily executed through high-flying kicks.

Chad's last name is unknown--even to Honey!

Chad has the word "DUKE" tattooed on the knuckles of his right hand, the word "MOOK" on his left



Honey VicarroHONEY VICARRO - As the show's theme-song says, "Man, nobody's harder. Honey V., she's cold as ice."

A tall, stunning, strawberry-blond magna cum laude Vassar graduate with degrees in psychology and criminology, a master of savaté, a crack shot, and a seasoned Le Mans driver, Honey's talents are, indeed, formidable and lethal. Her most dangerous weapon?

A raw sexual magnetism irresistible to both men and women.

Her past is a mystery. The only confidante she has is her chauffeur/lover, Chad. Brazen, casual and white-hot, their relationship was explicitly carnal. The two characters share an explicit onscreen sexual chemistry that was unprecedented at the time.

In the end, the controversial subtext of the show combined with the ambiguity of Honey's sexual orientation and her decidedly B&D fashion-sense proved far too risqué for the political and moral climate of the 1960s.

ChadCHAD - Honey's driver and right-hand. Ruggedly handsome, clean shaven, writes beat poetry in his spare time. Rarely seen in anything but formal livery.

Chad keeps his past to himself. Even Honey doesn't know his last name. When questioned by his employer, he responds, "Honey, you're beautiful when you're curious."

A man of few words, possessing the instincts and cat-like moves of a born street-fighter, Chad is not only Honey's lover and confidante, but has saved her bacon on more than one occasion. He shrugs off Honey's liaisons with other men. In fact, rather than jealousy, he regards her affairs with undisguised voyeuristic amusement.

Rock hard, tough and sexy, Chad has the street-sense of a man who's spent most of his time in penal institutions, as evidenced by the prison tattoos on his knuckles. He can pick locks, hot-wire cars, defeat alarms. Don't cross him....

... Chad is bad.

QuigleyLT. QUIGLEY - LAPD. Not a bad-looker, if it wasn't for the cheap suits and skinny ties.

A total stiff, born in scuffed wing-tips, he makes Joe Friday look flamboyant. Hates P.I.s, especially Honey. Speaks in a growling staccato. "Back off, Vicarro. You're in way over your pretty little head." Tries to come off tough. Does a reasonable job of it, but he's not the smartest cop on the force.

Honey calls him Bright Boy.

Hard to believe he and Honey attended the LAPD police academy together. Rumor is, they had a thing. If so, it must've ended ugly.

Quigley always seems to pull the same calls Honey does. Wants to show her up. Never quite does. It's not that he's one step behind her--its a full city block. He's married, but he definitely has a thing for Honey.

Right. Him and about a million other guys.

Anthony Smithe-JonesTREVOR LE BON - The bartender at Honey's notorious "Club 69." A happy-go-lucky Cockney mod, usually decked out in love-beads and a Nehru jacket, Trevor is Honey's main source for "the word on the street."

Charming, handy in a brawl, Trev flashes his 1,000 candle-watt grin at each big tip and every pretty face (not necessarily in that order).

He's also got the skinny on virtually every underworld character operating on the west coast. If a crime goes down, he knows who was in on the heist before the perps have split-up the booty.

And he makes a mean martini.

What more could a girl shamus ask for?