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My kitten Chad's birthday (pictured on this page) is one day after Cliff di Marco, the actor who played his namesake: April 24th.

Believe it or not, that skinny lad pictured on this page is me, Gene Otto, out in front of the mansion as DesiLu in Culver City. Gavin had a strick "no photo" policy on the set, so I never did get a picture with Kim (drat!).


What can I say? I'm a fan.

MeMy name is Gene Otto. I grew up in Thousand Oaks California. My lovely mother, Pamela Otto, was a script supervisor on various television programs (including HONEY VICARRO) through the sixties and seventies.

I'm honored to say quite humbly, I might add) that I am possibly the biggest fan of the show due to one key event in my childhood: A visit to the HONEY VICARRO set when I was twelve years old. There, I was lucky enough to meet Honey herself, Miss Kim Carlyle.

People ask me what she's like. Well, for one, she was gorgeous. I know this sounds stupid, but it was as if the woman was luminescent. Plus she was friendly, and down-to-earth, and not too stuffy to flirt with an awe-struck twelve-year-old boy.

And did I say she was gorgeous?

The few photos that remain, as beautiful as they are, hardly do her justice.

I also met The Man himself, Gavin Hurrell. He was very intent on his work, so he did little to acknowledge me except a curt nod when my mother made (swift) introductions.

Me at 9That day was heaven. I sat like a fly on the wall--scared to make a peep for fear of being thrown off the set--and watched magic happen. There was Kim and her rugged co-star, Cliff di Marco, trading snappy lines of dialogue as Honey and Chad. The cast and crew seemed relaxed (though I remember Cliff's wife, actress Carol Lynley, hovering around and staring daggers during a torrid love scene).

I watched the notorious first and last episode (Love Me, Don't, guest-starring Sal Mineo) on that fateful night in 1966. It was brilliant. Mother sent me to bed at 9:30, but I must confess (sorry, Mom) that I snuck down the hall and peeked. Very steamy--especially the scene in the cloak-room!

Honey the 4thThe cancellation was a disaster. Not only did television lose the best show ever made, but mother lost her job and was reassigned to GUNSMOKE. Blah. Even when I was a kid, I hated cowboy shows. And that James Arness was a real stiff!

What else can I possibly say? I am a graphic designer, single and I live in West Hollywood with my two cats, Honey the Fourth and Chad Junior (big surpise, that). My friends all know better than to bring up HONEY VICARRO, or I'll just bore them to tears.

Let's see... what else?

I love dim-sum and hate (in order) Republicans, broccoli and the California Department of Motor Vehicles. My favorite band of all time is T-Rex. And I don't own a single CD (analogue rules!). So, there you have it, the nut in a nutshell. You can write me about all things Honey at gene_otto@hotmail.com